Flexform Sofas

Furniture by Flexform brings an all-Italian flair that makes every item unforgettable. The brand's collection of modern furniture includes a variety of sofa styles to suit different tastes and preferences.

Flexform's commitment to customization means that each style is available in a variety of colors and materials, allowing customers to create a personalized sofa that suits their individual style and home décor. The Chaplins expert design team would love to take you on a journey of pure customisation, creating your perfect piece to fit any space in dimensions and aesthetics. They can be contacted via webchat, email, phone, or by making an appointment to visit our London-based showroom where Chaplins has a Flexform suite for experimental lounging.

One of the most popular styles from Flexform is the Groundpiece sofa, featuring a low, deep seat and a sleek, modern design. This designer sofa is incredibly comfortable and can be arranged in a variety of configurations to fit any environment. For the most marvellous of gardens, the Vulcano outdoor sofa can fit with any earth shade, designed with endurance and comfort in mind.

Flexform Sofas

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